Graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation is a format particularly useful when you need to see what you mean and how all the parts fit together to drive toward action. It brings creative energy and passion to any meeting.
This is a practice of using words and pictures to create a concept map of the conversation before, during and after its happening. The graphic facilitator reflects the ideas of the participants in the process through metaphors, models, visual maps in order to enable ideas to be clarified, heard and taken action upon during the collective work.
This powerful method combines the traditional facilitation with visual tools and activities, helping gain more insights, focus, actions and results, while creating engagement of all the participants in the process.

В областта на графичното фасилитиране и запис Росица Христева и Ина Ленчева (smArt Inspiration) са “пионери" на българския пазар, като техният тандем е реализирал успешно множество проекти, сред които стратегически срещи и корпоративни събития за клиенти като Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria, ABB, Uniqa, XIX Годишна Конференция на Българската Асоциация за Управление на Хора, май 2018; Trust for Social Achievement; Форум Ангажиране и т.н.
Дългогодишният опит на Ина и Роси като фасилитатори и треньори добавя особена стойност в работата им по ключови проекти на клиентите, а графичният им стил се отличава с уникален рисунък и индивидуален стил.

In Graphic Recording the visual practitioner captures every idea as it still floats in the ears of the audience and transfers it on a big 3-meters long white canvas in the form of key words, images and metaphors which gives depth and character of the discussion. The graphic recorders don’t facilitate the discussion, they just capture it. Graphic Recording е is extremely useful for any event, conference, strategic meeting, team discussion, etc. As compared with the standard power point presentations where slides quickly pass away hand-in-hand with the words, the graphic wall canvas stays during the whole event. 

Benefits of graphic facilitation and recording
Create a space where everyone in a constructive and creative way shares their ideas, needs, proposals and expectations for the life and work of the team. - Transform the abstract ideas for the future in tangible detailed map of next steps and targets - Give a clear focus Provoke initiative and responsibility - Address everyones’ creativity. - Create an atmosphere of spontainity and innovation